We offer better service, and lower cost products

Our vending services are very unique. Not only we provide professionally trained drivers to deliver dependable and consistent vending services. We work to bring you the laterst most popular snacks and beverages at the lowest costin the industry.

YES, sodas and chips for 0.75c or less, all energy drinks and at vending prices to upset our competion. Who carers, we are here to please you - the client.

We are a Full Line Operator. We carry ALL brands, from Coke, Pepsi, 7UP, Bang, Monster, RedBull, Rock Star, Frito Lay, and more.Yes, plus some unusual items guarateed to please!

We rotate the variety to keep you interested and selection fresh!

We provide FREE vending machines. Call us to verify if your organization qualifies. It is simple, just have a strong work force, enoght for this model to be sustainable. 

Quick snacks throughout your busy day. Such a mix will allow the not-so-healthy-conscious patrons to see and try all the snacks they know and love. No, we are not here to change the way you eat - It is not our job. 

We are here to provide the snacks and service you require.

Enjoy the snack selections in our vending machines! 

We want to be a part of your day-to-day routine at the workplace.

Do you like to get paid comission of our sales? We can talk about that too.

Carlos Reis 

President & CEO