Movie Cars & Props

In addition to numerous vehicles owned by us. REDLANDS GARAGE also has access to a network of private owners of classic cars, and props. We cater our movie cars to individuals, agencies and companies looking to rent classics for prop. Divable vehicles, as well as still photos, such as for photo studios and professional photographers. A variety of vehicles, from police cars, old taxis, to more famous vehicles.

Your projects are time sensitive, often times under time restrictions. We are nimble and go straight to the point. Making our cars and equipment available to you for hourly, daily or weekly contracts. 

Los Angeles Motion Picture Industry
Looking to rent a car for your film, need a classic prop car or vehicle? Look no further than REDLANDS GARAGE, classic car experts who are ready to assist in finding the right classic car to fit each scenario. It is not how many cars in our fleet, but what cars are relevant to todays needs.Classics from the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 2000's, all makes, models.

Whether you’re looking for a barn-find that looks like it has been driven for a number of years, or a cared-for touring auto, we are a great resource for film car rental and photo shoot projects.

Looking to rent a classic car? Add some authenticity to your shooting by featuring a fleet of classic cars that will make a huge difference in your event - even if you are not a car enthusiasts.

The models which will match the environment you’re trying to create in the movie, or still photo shoot.

We will bring it to your  film site or faciity. We also provide drivers and porters.

We understand and provide a one stop shop for classic, period vehicles, and equipment such as vending machines and toys.

Direct rental agreement and proper documentation.

Get in touch with REDLANDS GARAGE team today. We look forward to helping you in the success of your project.

Reach us calling ir text at (424) 245-814 SEVEN