Truth and Strenght

It is essential for us, that Q Chocolates is not only sold on the great flavor alone, but also on facts you don't see or smell.                                                                          Our way of making chocolates, is unprecedented in the world today.
As we all know, the percentage of Cocoa stamped on the label of any chocolate is the sum of cocoa solids in the recipe. It is the sum of: Cocoa Paste  + Cocoa Butter + Cocoa Powder.
Q Chocolate is probably one of few in the world to reveal its actual content. 
Our Q55%,  is actually  73.8% cocoa, meeting above industry standards. 
...But this not so for most other industrial brands... More often than not, you will find other Chocolate Brand's labeled "70%" when in fact, it has approximately 50% Cocoa Paste.
Why? A manufacturer's way to save, keeping cost down. Less cocoa, lower bar industrialist's way to offer less to the consumer? A way to make it milder and achieve mass sales volume reaching a broader customer base? Make consumers believe the bar offers a serious strength , when it doesn't? Hummm...
See Q Chocolate chart bellow
Inline image 1 
"Cocoa Paste" is the content of cocoa inside the chocolate, "Cocoa butter" is just fat some believe to be bad for you! If so, Q Chocolates offers very little.
**Note,  our 85% Bar has ZERO butter, and 80% Bar takes very little. Wow, but how come it feels so smooth, delicate, and naturally sweet? Ask us!