Flavor and Facts

Q chocolates is  one of the best natural chocolates there is.Each bite will make your mind wander into the Brazil's Atlantic Forests. Intense, the aroma and flavor is present without disguise.Cocoa bean, cocoa butter, cane sugar -Nothing else. Free from chemicals, gmo free, gluten free.
"Q Chocolate has aromas that transport you into the plantations of Bahia",Chloe Doutre-Roussel (FRANCE). 
Find it at fine restaurants, specialty chocolate stores and coffee & tea houses.
Q Chocolates does no make "truffles", candy or filled chocolates.  
Q has no dairy products.
Created with passion by Chef Samantha Aquim, Ipanema, Rio.
The packages feature the fauna and flora of Brazil's Atlantic rain forest.Art by Claudio Novaes
Q Chocolates is made from a select harvest of cocoa bean. A mix of cocoa trees called Trinitario and Forasteiro  from our farms in Ilheus, Bahia, (not random cocoa from different parts of the world). The formula and also the process of making it is also unique by design.
Q is setting new precedents, the Q55% bar actually has 73,8%  cocoa bean. Q delivers large amounts of cocoa per ounce, and no added soy or corn lecithin.Chef Samantha's perfectionism created an artisan Chocolate that is above industry standards.All this so you can fell the buttery flavor of cocoa.
The Aquim family, is very hands on, involved with the whole team, and overseeing the manufacturing process at every level. Everyone shares the passion for chocolate. Social responsibility in our community is key. The farm workers are paid normal wages and live decent lives. At our cocoa plantation farms, there is no hunting of animals or birds of any kind. It is strictly prohibited